At the Bon Marché of the Customer Experience

At the Bon Marché of the Customer Experience

A duo of research surgeons (Frédéric Jousset and Olivier Duha) has been able, for more than 7 years, to transform his historic establishment, founded in the late 90s into a specialized clinic, into a champion of patient pathways and digital transformation. From 2014 with the integration of Webhelp Payment Services (formerly FDI), the group, initially dedicated to the outsourcing of customer relations, began a series of targeted acquisitions that will allow it to become a one-stop-shopping for all companies or institutions wishing to take care of customer journeys, or the successful integration of digital into their business model: Netino by Webhelp, MystudioFactory, integrated in 2016, authorize Webhelp to offer Social User Experience and digital agency services, respective entities acquired.

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We understand from the following year that the ambition is 360°, with the acquisition of Direct Medica, one of the leaders in Europe in patient relations. The pace of external growth, already sustained, is not weakening: in 2018, the marriage with Gobeyond Partners, “It is, I believe, the only group from the world of contact centers to have gone so far in expanding the portfolio of its businesses, by combining it with a geographically expanded footprint, says Thailand phone number list Manuel Jacquinet; and they do it every time by buying very specialized, expert and essential teams in their sector. Direct Medica, which creates specific programs on pathologies with Patientys, which supports more than 90% of large pharmaceutical companies in the sale of their drugs, is a good example. Its team of founders includes physicians including ex-ER Jérôme Stevens, who is passionate about his profession.

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A Bon Marché of the Customer Experience

I happen to run into him in the morning, because we live in the same neighborhood and although he is closer to retirement than to the start of his career, I feel, as soon as I start the conversation with him, that he always has two or three ideas in mind to imagine new ways of doing things. At Webhelp, people stay passionate. Another market expert confirms: “Webhelp does not buy promises or only well-marketed companies, they integrate real specialists. Teleperformance, the world leader, which we can assume to be their model, has also made some ATB Directory serious acquisitions, but in almost all of them, the telephone, customer relations via conversation remains a foundation, with the exception of Intelenet, which includes rather automation solutions and technology. Webhelp goes beyond, it has to be said. And they manage to digest this know-how by bringing together these talents and professions.


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