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Before purchasing the apartment, I had made exact calculations about how much my expenses would decrease if I moved to another city for work. “Food expenses would remain the same, because the children would be in daycare and day care. Breakfast, dinner and evening snack.  company fee is half of the current rent, it looks good!” After the move, my “internal” conversation sounded something like this: “It would be nice to decorate the house a little.

No more gas costs, no rent, the

 And there has to be a sofa and a kitchen table and a washing machine. You need to get a latest database table for the computer. The kids need new beds, me too. Ceiling lamps, a sauna fireplace and a few nice and beautiful decorative items.” “Oh, times for training, it would be nice to visit Stockmann to buy something nice for myself. Yes, yes, I want a Stockmann Mastercard with a credit limit of €3,000.00 when it is free of charge.

I visit Helsinki several

Oh nice, the Nordea Mastercard Gold card with a credit limit of €5,000.00 also ATB Directory arrived today! Yes, life is as it should be!” “Yes, of course you can go out to eat after a busy day at work, when I didn’t even have time to shop. Of course, you can go to Kuopio to shop for new winter clothes, and spring will soon come.” “Of course I want to relax after the work day by reading Me Nais and Gloria and Gloria’s home! Oh, and now the local newspaper and Hesari were on offer? It would be nice on Sunday to sit at the kitchen table drinking morning coffee and reading Hesar…” “Shall we go to Legolandia, kids.

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