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Therefore, at this point the question is : What are the most effective actions for the back to school campaign? Starting from the premise that classic never goes out of style , in the world of marketing the same thing happens with mailboxing . Betting on it as one of the actions of this campaign is the best option to reach the target audience.

Distributing leaflets throughout the city

The reason In reality, there are several reasons. Firstly, because the top industry data distribution of catalogs and brochures facilitates communication directly with your target. However, it must be taken into account that mail boxing does not only consist of distributing leaflets throughout the city. To obtain expected results, it is important to know and identify the profile of the target audience.

The mailbox to the interior

Their geographical location and their needs. Likewise, so that the brochure or catalog goes ATB Directory from the mailbox to the interior of the home, and does not end up in the trash, they must be creative in a way that captures the attention of consumers . But, in addition, it must contain the message that you want to transmit in a clear, direct and concise way. Only in this way will the mailing campaign be a success.

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