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Or you can tell how the AI ​​is implemented in writing. The thing is, content marketing is booming these days. A  report says that around $10 billion was the amount US marketers spent in 2016 on content. And the number never seems to decrease. That means a huge amount of content is produced each year, requiring rigorous research, time, and efforts on the part of writers to create and deliver high-quality content that can make a difference in the lives of your audience.

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Writing is an art. And when mixed with science, you get engaging content that your audience finds valuable and can relate to. The science we are talking  latest database about here is artificial intelligence . His era is upon us and it is constantly improving to make our lives better. But, many times, I have seen people ridiculing him along with his advances. Well, human intelligence is really incomparable because we have soul, emotions, pain and suffering, which makes us write from the heart. This can never be expected from machines or artificial intelligence unless scientists find a way to create a soul and control life and death, which is impossible in my opinion.

Instead, you can take advantage of it to generate

If you produce quality, relevant content for  ATB Directory your audience, they will find it interesting and want to read more from you. And it creates a ripple effect to drive more audience to your brand This is how brand authority is built, and once they trust you enough and find your offerings interesting, they are very likely to become your customers.

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