How to Be Accepted as a Manager After a Recovery

How to Be Accepted as a Manager After a Recovery

Take stock of your motivations and vision First, to have pumped up and motivated troops, focus on your own motivation. You are the locomotive of the company, your employees are the wagons. If you are caught up in doubt, it will spread quickly. Your enthusiasm, your faith in their abilities must be communicative. It’s up to you to make sure that you set an example in this area: above all, you bring great energy. Also, feel free to share your future vision for the business and make it clear. You necessarily embody the change but your employees must see where you want to go, be receptive to the new values ​​of the company and agree to go in this direction.

The Delegation Is Already Effective

You won’t be able to redo everything, so you have to take an interest in how the business works to really understand its workings. Also: Dé-Lé-Guez! Your job is to coordinate, organize, set goals, but not to achieve everything by yourself! Remember that VP Media Email Lists whenever you do someone else’s work, you are not doing what you are being paid for. By delegating, you rely on two formidable management tools: training (what could be more formative than confronting reality?) and motivation (being judged capable, and discovering that you can actually accomplish a mission, by exceeding if necessary, is more than encouraging). Congratulate the co-workers Do your employees perform their job in an exemplary manner? Congratulate them. Don’t wait for the annual meeting to do so. As soon as one of them has outdone themselves, give them credit.

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Take Stock of Your Motivations and Vision

From the thumbs up to the official mail, through the general mail or the exceptional bonus. Look for opportunities to send out positive messages. If you carry out evaluation interviews with your employees, for example, always start with the elements that allow you to congratulate them. Recognition is the key to management and they will be very attentive ATB Directory to your reactions during the recovery . Be fair in your decisions Finally, because the yellow or red card is also a management tool , do not hesitate to penalize deviations from your instructions. This will reinforce the image of fairness that you are trying to achieve and give more weight to your encouragement. If you are a fair and therefore respectable boss, you will allow those who do not follow. The rules of the game to change and bend to your principles.


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