Social Media Guide How to Develop an Organic Strategy

Social Media Guide How to Develop an Organic Strategy

Working a brand’s Social Networks dynamically and effectively involves careful management that goes far beyond creating a page and making sporadic publications. Developing an online strategy for your company’s Social Media is crucial to achieving the intended goals. Proper management of Social Media platforms is an extremely dynamic and very specific job. Each brand’s strategy must be unique, adapted to its needs, focused on its Buyer Personas and adjustable over time. There are some important steps that should be part of any rigorous Social Media strategy. 8 Steps to Creating an Organic Social Media Strategy Step 1 – Performance analysis so far Step 2 – Benchmark Step 3 – Define the general and SMART objectives Step 4 – Understand your audience Step 5 – Define your brand’s TONE and VOICE Step 6 – Decide which Social Networks to be on.

Define the General and Smart Objectives

Decide the type of content to publish on Social Media Step 8 – Develop the content plan for Social Media how-to-develop-an-organic-strategy-for-social-media-02 cta-download-guide-social-networks Step 1 – Performance analysis so far First of all, it is important to evaluate what will be the starting point of your Social Media Strategy. If you already work with some networks, it is important to answer questions such as: What is being done? How are you doing it? What are the results of this action? Assessing the current state of your business is the basis for Korea Phone Number Data outlining what to do next. Can we take advantage of what is currently being done because it is working or will we have to adapt? Step 2 – Benchmark In order to evolve, it is essential to know where we stand in relation to others. In this sense, the benchmark, that is, the comparison between your performance and that of competitors in your sector, can be very useful.

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8 Steps to Creating an Organic Social Media Strategy

Using the competition as a reference point to guide your actions can be very positive to take your business further, to understand what they are doing and that results in an increase in community or interaction with publications. In this guide we will have an article entirely dedicated to the study of competition in social networks. Step 3 – Define the general and SMART objectives The third step is to clearly define what you want when working with your company’s Social Networks. You should stipulate the objectives for your specific case. The question you should ask is: What do you want to achieve through your Social Media strategy? Increase the ATB Directory number of followers? Make the brand known? Disclose new product/service? Increase traffic to my website? Sell ​​more products? Asserting yourself as an expert in a certain area? Even if your goals change later on, it’s essential to set a goal to start with. After that, you need to convert your initial general goals into SMART goals.


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