An Unknown Eldorado for Customer Services

An Unknown Eldorado for Customer Services

Deglet Nour dates, among the best in the world, are not going to disappear from French stalls. Largely produced in the south of Algeria, the country exports only 5% of its production when Tunisia, a lesser producer, exports 52% of it. Saint-Flour, Diego Suarez, Tirana? Not all French-speaking telephone and omnichannel platforms are located in Reims, any more than in Morocco, the historic kingdom of nearshore BPO. The tenacious images of Epinal deserve to be fought, at least revisited: in the wilaya of Algiers, there is no lack of talent (3,154,792 inhabitants) or energy. It turns out that Webhelp in search. Ask the average person in the street, in France, about Algeria: he will talk to you about gas, bled, corruption, the national football team, while a khâgneux will probably mention Tipaza and Noces ( Albert Camus), or perhaps an unknown film – Having twenty years in the Aures.

A Large Nation in North Africa the Young Country

Inhabitants has strangely – and contrary to some neighbors – not succeeded (not wanted?) in developing. A significant BPO and call center sector. Webhelp, the European giant tried the adventure. Twelve years ago, we went there to try to answer a question: why the black gold that conversations constitute, now that speech analyticsmakes it possible to analyze South Korea Mobile Number List them, is it not more exploited in Algiers, Oran, Mostaganem? Of all the Maghreb countries, Algeria, where excellent French is spoken, is the only one that has not seduced the champions of telesales, customer service or moderation who could have installed telephone platforms there. “Platform in Algeria”, a webhelpian adventure and not a Houellebecquian one.

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The Bet Daring at the Time

Was also obvious: “for the record, the Moroccan team, seeking to recruit French-speaking collaborators, turned to Algeria. When they noticed the level of French, and other equally conclusive indicators. They said to themselves: there may be something to do. Says Gilles Guérin, big boss of the Webhelp Algeria center for five years. The latter explains that he adopted the country of fennec foxes. Ryad Mahrez from the moment he stepped out of the plane. On an evening in mid-December, in his shirt sleeves. Webhelp’s Algerian adventure began seven years earlier in 2010. Today seems to have found its cruising speed with the workforce increasing ATB Directory significantly. The nine-storey headquarters no longer sufficed, the neighboring building was annexed last year. Youssef Khendek, in charge of general resources, is looking for another building, a sign of rapid expansion in the region.


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