computational thinking It is a method

As possible to hone skills in solving complex problems. Get to know what Computational Thinking is – end Also read other articles to broaden your insight. Mind Mapping Is: Benefits and How to Make It Understand ERD, Data Model and Its Components How to Make an ERD and Examples Male/Female, age preference 21-35 years. University graduates (Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral) independent majors, preference majoring in Education / Pedagogy / Psychology / Educational Technology. Minimum 1 (one) year working experience as Learning Experience / Instructional Design / Curriculum Designer Interested in the world of education, life-long learning , and upskilling/reskilling . Not currently studying (may be waiting for graduation).

Must have basic skills in word

processing (wordprocessor), number processing (spreadsheets), presentation applications (slides/powerpoint). Tech-savvy. Dicoding is an online training/education company and partners with global companies: Google, Microsoft, IBM, and others. Can communicate passively/actively in English. Understand and implement health protocols related to COVID-19 including social ws data distancing . Having been vaccinated is a plus. Domiciled in Bandung and surrounding areas or willing to move to Bandung. Work WFO Shifting (during PPKM) / Full-WFO (post PPKM). Provision This vacancy is not an academic internship. Having certification related to curriculum/learning experience design is a plus. Performance will be evaluated every month. Job Description Designing learning strategies that provide benefits to all stakeholders: organizers, participants, external partners, etc.

Design learning experiences

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That actively involve participants by adding exercises, games, ice-breaking , and other supporting activities. Provide an overview or visualization of instructional graphics and train-the-trainer. Conduct research and apply Instructional/Learning Experience Design theory, practice and methods . Design scoring metrics to ensure objective and inclusive assessment. Prepare ATB Directory a feedback system ( feedback loop ) that allows organizers to assess and improve the learning process. Benefits Salary, Transportation Reimbursement & Credit / Internet. Can use Dicoding office facilities while working in the office – (bike/electric bicycle, internet, free flow coffee/tea, lunch). Priority is given to recruiting full-time employees.

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