Agreement Between Canalmail and Ozú

The permission e-mail marketing company Canalmail. Has signed an agreement with the  Agreement Between generalist portal Ozú , in order to generate and optimize the possibilities of the latter’s database. Canalmail already collaborates with other Internet companiesPrisacom, ABC to maximize their lists of registered users. Its CEO, Juan Imaz, states that they will put “all our technology at the service of Ozú so that it can offer its users an optimal service.


Although the FEDMA

Federation of European Direct Marketing company data Associations has always. Been in favor of the national choice system between opt-in and opt-out, its director of government affairs, Axel Tandberg, states that “this approach to new technology will allow consumers to fully enter e-commerce. “This option will give direct and interactive marketing the ability to use information collected from a consumer in a future direct marketing campaign.

But Tandberg does not believe that

The opt-in regime within the European Union is ATB Directory going to solve the problem of mass sending of spam to electronic Agreement Between mailboxes since a large part of these unsolicited emails come from outside Europe. “Users are in the driver’s seat,” said Danny Meadows-Klue, CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Great Britain ( IAB ), an association that has been supporting a campaign in favor of cookies for eighteen months. «We have finally reached the end of a very long road to save cookies from too strict legislation. Although not perfect, the new wording will allow the online and interactive industry to develop practical solutions to comply with consumer protection as well as the efficient use of the Internet.

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