Overcome the Voices of Discouragement

Overcome the Voices of Discouragement

The evil little voices We have all tried to answer the following question one day: “Under what conditions will I succeed and be recognized in life? » . To this essential question, each leader has answered in his own way. One will answer: “I will succeed if I please others” , the other will say “I will succeed if I am perfect” . Even if they motivate us to move forward, these little voices limit and slow us down above all else. They speak to the imperative and prove to be very restrictive: “to succeed and be recognized, you must, you must…” . In the verbs “to have” and “to have”, are the crystallization of the obstacles which block the road to us towards the people towards our progress but especially those related to our culture.

The Evil Little Voices

You must be strong in all circumstances. You can help others because you are stronger, but don’t count on them to do the same. Be a man, be strong, don’t cry. People who tend to repeat “be strong” do not listen to the experts because in their minds it is an admission of weakness. “Be strong” limits us, of course, because it is unrealistic: no one can be VP Design Officers Email Lists strong all the time, that is not true. Weakness is human, and fortunately! To be able to give help to others, one must know how to receive it in return. “Be Perfect” The small authoritative voice tells us: “To succeed, you must be perfect. The error is not allowed, it is necessary to work again and again. You were never at the end.

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Be Strong or Make It Your Own

Even a straight line is imperfect when viewed under a microscope. ” Make pleased ” The little angelic voice tells us: “To succeed and be recognized, you have to please everyone all the time. You don’t have the time or the leisure to take care of yourself and your needs, others come first. If you take care of them, they will pay you back. Avoid conflict, don’t upset them, they have enough to worry about. The ” please” is against common sense. ” Make efforts ” The small ATB Directory muffled voice tells us: “ To succeed, you have to make an effort. Nothing is simple and nothing happens ready-made in life. You have to fight, struggle, sweat. It doesn’t matter if you succeed or fail. In the end, what matters is that you gave your maximum. Show us you sweat enough! “.


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