Europe Adopts Opt-in and Maintains Cookies

Final stretch for a definitive European law on electronic communications. Therefore, The future directive will Europe Adopts adopt the opt-in as a model for sending e-mails, SMS. automated calls and fax mailings and will not require. Therefore, The prior consent of users to use cookies in online advertising, as requested by. The Council of Ministers last year. month of December. The Parliament of the Union has approved in. A second and final reading a series of amendments to what will be. The Electronic Communications and Data Privacy Directive. Which ratify the need for prior consent from. 


The opt-out model

Which consists of sending advertising through executive data electronic means. Therefore, Even without the consent of the recipient. Provided that the possibility of opposing. Subsequent communications is offered) can only be used with. Customers who have already purchased a product or service of the company. The rental or transfer of customer data to other companies. Require their express consent and they must. Notified of the purposes for which this information will be used. Cookies – small files that the browser writes to the hard drive. Therefore, The request of the website visited – are allowed as long as they allow the design of a site to be evaluated.


The effectiveness of advertising

Actions and to control the identity and ATB Directory origin of users. Therefore, However, website visitors must be Europe Adopts informed of. The existence of this device and its purpose and given the option to reject its use. Therefore,The European Parliament’s vote will be discussed on. June 18 in the Council of Ministers of the European Union . If approved, it will be published in the Official Gazette in July and will come into force. October 2003 at the latest, since the states have. A margin of fifteen months for its transposition into national legislation.

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