Affiliate marketing Argentina: is it worth starting?

The Google Ads certification. Therefore, process consists of an online assessment on the Google Partners platform, designed to evaluate knowledge and skills in managing advertising. Therefore, campaigns on that platform. To obtain it, you must pass the corresponding. Therefore, exam in one of the available areas with a minimum score of 80%. Each exam lasts 2 hours and is made up of multiple choice questions. Once you pass the exam, you receive an online certification that you can share on your Google Partners profile and resume .


How is the affiliate market in Argentina

Although Google Ads does not have an official full-length. Therefore, course for certification, Google Partners offers company data a number of free online training and education resources to help those interested prepare for the. Therefore, certification exam. The time necessary to complete these resources varies depending on the experience and prior knowledge of the professional in managing advertising campaigns in Google Ads.


What are the hottest markets

Some people may need more. Therefore, time to review and understand the material, while others may be able to complete the resources. Therefore, quickly. In general, we recommend taking ATB Directory enough time to review the training material and practice Google Ads before taking the certification exam.

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