This is a great idea, especially for companies

This is a great idea, especially for companies

Live Click to Tweet to live stream the event. Streaming corporate events is a proven way to get the most out of live streaming.  new to live streaming, because you don’t have to come up with a theme, set a location, or recruit people to be on camera with you. This has been dealt with through planned activities. However, one thing to be aware of when livestreaming an event is that you pick a method and stick to it. If you’re live-streaming a marketing director’s keynote at a conference, you’ll need to find a good location and grab a tripod so the audience can see and hear it clearly.

On the other hand, if you’re attending

a late-night launch event for your latest product, it’s more appropriate to walk around with your smartphone and chat with the various attendees. The end goal is to give the audience a sense of being there with you, so make sure they have a good time. Promote live events before Norway Phone Number List they happen. There’s no point in going live if no one knows it’s happening. As our CEO and founder stated in the magazine, promoting live broadcasts to viewers is critical. Shama hosts her own digital marketing series, Shama TV, weekly, and says viewers love the regularity.

This schedule, combined with

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the team’s social media posts ahead of each episode of the Shama series, was important in growing the show’s audience. When you’re planning to go live, take some time to let people know that you’re going to be live at this time, this day, for this long. If days ahead, you can ATB Directory use email newsletters as well as social media channels. Then, minutes before you go live, use all your social media channels to drive people to your stream. You can even do this multiple times during your live broadcast to get the most viewers. Take the audience on a behind-the-scenes tour.


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