The customer journey and lead generation

The customer journey and lead generation

The normal content marketing success story goes like this: When you start B2B content marketing, you are euphoric.You will slowly see success. After 18 months the store is up and running. AfterThe customer months you think back and know: It was one of the best decisions ever that you took this path. Good content marketing amplifies exponentially. Initially you have high costs and/or a lot of effort and no big effect. But over time this calculation gets better and better. In contrast to channels like Google Ads, investing in your brand through content marketing pays off the most in the long term.

You just have to overcome the dry spell

But be sure that you are taking the right path – otherwise the dry spell will never end and you will die of thirst! #7 Flexibly adapt your lead generation strategy and bury unprofitable channels! As a South Africa WhatsApp Number Data semiconductor manufacturer, do you still fill up your Instagram profile four times a week, even though no one cares? Then bury this channel! Have the courage to say “no” to a channel. You don’t have to be present everywhere. Focus on the channels that really bring success. As already mentioned several times, this is a thing with statistics: If you got a lead via Instagram last spring, then you have a conversion rate of 20% and that’s great. But it looks completely different if you only received 5 visitors via Instagram in twelve months. #8 Small websites, big impact.

Specialist portals that can really generate

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Lots of leads are often a real gem in the B2B sector. In the B2B sector, this can be a comparison portal such as this one for CRM systems or this one for HR software . For example, I used the latter Philippines Telegram Number to research HR software, among other things. There are such mini-portals in almost every industry. Sometimes it’s just newsletters, sometimes printed catalogs. How do you find such a portal? It often helps to google “service + comparison” or simply see whether such a portal is visible under your keywords. These are often industry directories. A premium entry is definitely worth it if it means you are listed more prominently there. Comparison portals are sometimes really worthwhile, especially in the B2B environment! #9 Small advertising budgets and high CPCs don’t mix A cost-per-click (click price) of 20 cents in a B2B environment? That was once. Today, regardless of the B2B environment, we usually talk about CPCs ranging from several euros to 15 euros and more.


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