The reason for marketing failure in companies

I have been reflecting for a few days on the reasons outside of operations that lead us to fail in our attempt to make profitable our investment of time and money in making our digital marketing activity profitable. I am referring to reasons that are not normally taken into account, but which are really behind the majority of failures when it comes to achieving digital marketing objectives. In my previous article I talked about the change of how to implement a series of small habits that give us 1% improvements, they constitute the bases of success, of how having a system that gives shape and order to these habits leads us to change the internal culture and the company ‘s digital results .

Why do most companies not achieve the expected results in marketing?

Following this line of though. I am going to talk to you about the process that companies follow when facing a industry email list strategic project, in our case the implementation of a marketing strategy that works. The key factor for profitable marketing in a company is the management of expectations: what the.  Company expects to happen vs. what really happens. When companies set out to professionalize their digital marketing activity. YThey go into it with great strength and enthusiasm. They think they are clear about what they should do and they . Expect things to happen in a specific way. Due to pure lack of experience and/or because of that initial haste, they get into the project expecting short-term results.

The reality of digital marketing vs. Business expectations

To explain it I am going to use a concept that is applied to ATB Directory other areas, but that perfectly . Reflects this situation: the plateau of latent potential (James Clear). This concept explains how the accumulation of positive habits that generate small improvements produces an exponential change after a certain time. At first the improvements are imperceptible.  But their accumulation generates a change in mentality that leads us to great improvement. Well, this is exactly the change that must occur in companies to achieve profitable results. This explains reality, but what companies have in mind is.  Something very different. Let’s see it graphically.

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