10 Tips for Mastering LinkedIn Sales Navigator Like a Pro

10 Tips for Mastering LinkedIn Sales Navigator Like a Pro

Are you looking for a tool that helps you find ideal prospects. Customers and allows interaction in a simple and quick way? LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an excellent option to support your Social Selling strategy. This tool allows you to identify a specific contact or a group of people. Who fit the ideal customer profile for your company. Based on this research, it is possible to save lists of leads and companies to follow, create. Alerts to receive notifications whenever a new contact enters the list, include notes and. Reminders about interactions with prospects and much more! The truth is that the solution has so many. Features that, in some cases, not even people. Who already use the platform know all its potential.

Find Leads That Follow Your Business

How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find the right leads LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a new, fascinating and promising world, which allows you to find and interact with the most suitable potential customers for your offer. It’s genius, right? Here’s what you need to do to succeed: how-to-use-the-LinkedIn-sales-navigator-to-find-the-right-leads 1. Save the leads Found a contact you’re not ready to buy yet? Save your leads , following your updates – such as, for example, changing companies or positions -, in order to understand when will be Qatar WhatsApp Number Data the best time to resume contact. Follow what this contact shares and interact whenever relevant. 2. Save searches After doing a search using filters to find potential customers, just save this search to receive periodic emails about new prospects that match your criteria.

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Follow Up with Leads with Similar Experiences

Monitor all communications Integrate your Sales Navigator account with your CRM to keep track of all conversations. With this simple step you’ll save a lot of time, because you can do everything on the same platform, and you can even get monthly reports on these interactions. With the Sales Navigator mobile application , you can record all calls and their duration. And you can even sync Sales Navigator with your email , allowing you to save a lead directly ATB Directory from an email interaction. 4. Follow up with leads with similar experiences This is one of the best features of Sales Navigator , as it allows you to find leads from business areas related to yours in a faster and simpler way. By having this information, it is easier to find commonalities and prepare a more personalized approach, with no commercial burden.


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