Find Out What Employer Branding Is and How It Supports Your Organization

Find Out What Employer Branding Is and How It Supports Your Organization

The labor market has undergone rapid and very significant changes in recent times, thanks to the globalization of work and the massification of remote work. With this new, more competitive reality, organizations find it increasingly difficult to attract and retain employees for their teams . Implementing an Employer Branding strategy allows you to attract, nurture and retain employees and can be the solution to the difficulties of Human Resources Departments when it comes to talent management. But what is Employer Branding anyway? And how can you help organizations achieve better results in the management of their human resources? In this article, we will simplify this topic and show what Employer Branding can do for your company, focusing on: The definition of the concept of Employer Branding; What makes up Employer Branding; The benefits of an Employer Branding strategy for your organization.

Decrease Recruitment Costs

Start by discovering, in our video, a summary of what Employer Branding is and why it is important: After all, what is Employer Branding? The concept of Employer Branding is defined as a set of techniques and tools used to generate a positive perception of a company as a workplace. Simply put, it’s about applying inbound marketing strategies Vietnam WhatsApp Number Data to human resources, creating an inbound recruiting strategy . Instead of attracting, nurturing and retaining customers, Employer Branding focuses on candidates and employees. Investing in Employer Branding in an organization is to appeal to emotions, transforming. The organization into an attractive employer in the talent market. For those who see it from an external and also an internal point of view.

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Increase the Number of Recommendations

To find out about other concepts related to the topic, read our article “Employer branding. Discover the 5 concepts that will change your perspective on recruitment” . What does employer branding include? Investing in. Employer branding in an organization involves building a robust strategy and engagement diagrams based. On the talent persona , that is, the representatio. Of the ideal candidate/employee for the organization. The central message of the ATB Directory Employer Branding Strategy through different channels, depending on the survey of needs and the defined objectives. Recruitment pages, or dedicated microsites, are appointed as the base point of contact . But communication can also be worked on blogs, social networks, talent communities based on email marketing, among others.


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