Content Marketing Guide 16 Types of Content for Your Content Marketing

Content Marketing Guide 16 Types of Content for Your Content Marketing

Understanding the purpose of the digital content we are going to create is the foundation of any Content Marketing Strategy. Each piece of content must respond to the pain points of the buyer persona, but also adapt to the different stages of the buyer’s journey and what they are looking for at that moment. In the matrix below, we divide the quadrants according to the Buying Journey phase (X axis) and the user’s Emotional Behavior (Y axis). In this way, it may be easier to understand what type of content you should develop according to your objective. infographic-01-1 Click on the matrix and save it for later reference! 1. Podcast Creating a Podcast consists of delivering content in audio format, which can be listened to at any time. It’s a good alternative for brands that realize that their target doesn’t have time to read written content.

Testimonials and Reviews

This format can serve to create content from scratch or to requalify existing written content, presenting it to the persona in another way. 2. Testimonials and Reviews This form of content starts directly from the audience’s opinion about your brand, helping to build or reinforce social proof . Testimonials and Reviews help clarify what sets your brand apart from the rest and can inspire potential customers with the experience of other users who already Denmark Phone Number Data know your products or services. You can present them using a scoring scale, where various parameters are rated, a free written testimonial or illustrate them with videos. Winsig Testimonial Video (Made2Web customer) 3. Chatbot Chatbots allow you to automate actions and communicate in real time with the user, using Artificial Intelligence to create instant messages. They are a strong trend in Digital Marketing and offer many advantages to companies’ communication.

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Do You Already Know What Content You Have to Develop

The main thing is that you can be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! 4. Videos did you know that video content is so popular that it is 40x more likely to be shared. On social media than other formats? (source: hubspot) video is an. Excellent format to retain user attention, reduce bounce rate , increase page. Time and promote interaction on digital platforms. Although it may represent a higher investment than other types of content, video is a. Versatile format, which ultimately makes it profitable. With a video, you can also decline to other types of ATB Directory content, such as images. Quotes with excerpts from the video, transcription for a blog article. Among others. 5. Quizzes / Simulators / Calculators These are yet another good example of content that retains attention and adds value to users.


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