Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

We’ve made a list of the top 7 digital marketing trends for 2021. Among the 7, we highlight two that stood out a lot in 2020, both in the general. Community and in the requests that we received and responded to as an. Agency: the video and the email. Video took the final leap in 2020, with. The entire digital community (consumers and providers) preferring and interacting. With this type of digital communication, in the most different ways: synchronous and asynchronous. Videos, from webcasts, masterclasses, lives , case-studies, promotional, technical and vlogs. Sales processes also made the shift to video and today the video selling strategy is seen not. Only as innovative, but also effective with a very high roi. Email marketing has multiplied its strength by. Combining perfectly with 2 of the best. Digital marketing strategies – marketing automation and video marketing.

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There has never been so much commercial interaction via email as in 2020, so it is expected that Email will continue to be the simplest, cheapest and most productive way for one2one communication with unique content personalization features. 7 trends that promise to outline the Digital Marketing of 2021 (Presented in no particular order) 1. Social media Prolonged confinement and the new reality of teleworking have largely contributed to the Netherlands Telegram Number Data social media strategy occupying a prominent place. Social networks bring people together and favor the speed of transmission of digital content. In 2021, social media will be one of the digital marketing trends to follow closely. For B2B companies in the context of Social Selling , as it allows them to adopt a one 2 one communication approach (Account Based Marketing) . For B2C companies in the context of new possibilities for researching and buying products online.

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7 Trends That Promise to Outline the Digital Marketing of 2021

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube will be the main social platforms of 2021. social-networks-1 2. Virtual events In 2021, virtual events will continue to be part of the strategy of brands that saw their costs decrease in 2020 and ROI rates increase with this type of actions. Emphasis will be given to live broadcasts, broadcast on numerous channels simultaneously, and which are closer to the real experience of participation, even with all the risks they entail. 3. B2B eCommerce E-commerce set records in 2020, both in B2C and B2B companies, due to ATB Directory the need for businesses to reinvent themselves. It should be noted that the B2B companies that joined E-Commerce took advantage of the opportunity to become ubiquitous, at a specific time when confinement forced many purchasing departments to transform the relationship with their providers.


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